Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Beauty Spotlight...

Hey guys,

So today I'm going to be discussing my favourite beauty item at this moment in time and shining the spotlight on what I love about it.

Firstly, my chosen product is a lipstick and its a very unique purple/pink colour lipstick. The lipstick is from Collection 2000 in the Little Mix range, shade: Perrie (because apparently she's now a lipstick shade).

Collection Little Mix Lipstick Perrie £2.99

I first heard about this product from my best friend who is a massive Little Mix fan. At first I was skeptical about it but when she showed me the product I was like 'oh my gosh I've always wanted a purple lipstick' because as you can tell from previous posts it is my favourite colour.

I went to Superdrug and I brought the lipstick. I didn't mind if it was by Little Mix or god knows who because I absolutely loved the colour of it and the price was fantastic. When I got home after a wonderful day out I tried the lipstick on. And I loved it. I loved it so much I had to show my mum. It was the product I've been searching for but not brave enough to try.

Now I've tried it I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions of I've made in my life. Okay, so maybe not thaat dramatic, but I'm so glad I brought this product.

So if you're searching for something like I was then I definitely recommend this lipstick.Not everyone will find the colour appealing or complementing as its quite a bold colour so just give it a go and see what you think. If you have tried this lipstick already or are thinking about it then let me know either on twitter @UKteenfashion or in the comments below!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my quick 'Beauty Spotlight'.

Until next time!

Monday, 27 October 2014

20 Facts About Me

Hey guys,

So this post is going to be a bit of a different one. I know that you guys don't know exactly a lot about me so I decided to do this little quick Q&A thingy  to answer some basic questions. So lets go!

1. Height?

2. Hair?
Long. Mid-dark brown

3. Eyes?
Blue mostly but sometimes green

4. Birthday?
10th October 1998

5. Nicknames?
Bunny, Jasminda, chummy

6. Right or left?

7. Favourite food?
Prawns, I love them!

8. Favourite drink?
Diet coke its all I ever drink

9. Favourite film?
I'm not sure don't watch that many:/

10. Favourite band?
Black Veil Brides!

11. Favourite song?
Smoke And Mirrors by Black Veil Brides

12. Makeup essential?

13. Clothing must-have?
Leather Jacket

14. Education?
Last year of school

15. Idol?
Taylor Momsen

16. Favourite animal?

17. Pets?
Had two cats

18. Fears?
Spiders, moths, bees, wasps, flys, ladybirds, snakes, rats, heights. Too many.

19. Have you ever moved house?
Waay to many times to count.

20. Lastly, most embarrassing moment?

I was in M&S and I was looking at the clothes on mannequins (I was about 6 at the time). I kept on touching all the clothes and I touched this sleeve of this jacket because it looked appealing for some odd reason. I looked up thinking it was a mannequin to see an actual man looking down at me. When I realised that I actually touched a real mans arm... well, I don't think I've ever ran so fast in my life. I also nearly knocked over a mannequin once in the same store. Me and mannequins don't get on really.

My beauty picks of the season/Birthday goodies: Zoella

Hey guys,

So if you didn't know already it was my birthday the other week and I finally turned Sweet Sixteen. Of course I don't feel any different from before but it gave me a great excuse to go shopping. There was one place I had set my eyes on, however, and that was Superdrug. There were a few things I've been longing for a while and I couldn't wait to start my collection...

The other week I went out for my birthday to go shopping with a load of friends and we had such a wonderful time. We ate, we shopped, we laughed and we played random games. But there was only one thing I wanted to buy the most (well.. more then one, but you know what I mean) and that was the new Zoella range.

Her prettily decorated beauty treats are so adorable I wanted absoloutely everything. I ended up leaving Superdrug with the 'Blissful Mistful' body mist which smells absolutely divine and the bath 'Fizz Bar' which is in a chocolate-like form. It gave my bath water a subtle floral scent- very relaxing.

I cant wait to get the rest!

I adore both of these products and I can't wait to complete the range. They look great on my dressing table and are very decorative. I definitely recommend buying these products to anyone as they are so so worth it. Plus the prices are extremely reasonable as well.

                                                  What's not to love?

                                                   Thank you Zoe!