Sunday, 2 March 2014

Casual dresses for Spring

Spring's the perfect time to start moving out some of those jumpers and move in some new tops and
dresses. A major theme this upcoming season is floral, reflecting the spring bloom. From floral to lace I've picked out a selection of dresses that are sure to bring out the feminine side in you. Delicate and dainty to soft and girly, pastels and floral are definitely in. Don't forget to check out more at PersunMall on the right hand side...

Apricot Sleeveless Floral Print DressSlim Sleeveless Beading DressBohemian Sleeveless Chiffon Dress

Sleeveless Flower Print DressVintage Flower Print Slim Dress in White Ethnic Style Bat Sleeve Loose Dress

Sweetheart Slim Lace Dress in Blue

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The return of distressed jeans: Rock n Roll

Bleached Distressed Jeans with Plaid Patch

Boy Friend Bold Bleached Distressed Jeans

Ripped jeans are once again making an appearance. This punk-inspired trend is hitting the high street with an array of bloggers ripping their own denim and claiming they've started the 'next big trend'. In reality ripped jeans are seen as the 'typical teenage girl image going through her rebellious phase'. 
So is destroyed jeans making a comeback that will have us tripping?
Or is just the old forgotten style our parents told us to never wear?
It all depends on how you wear it. You just have to take inspiration from the right people and know the culture behind this rebellious image. So read on if you want to wear this style with power...

In the 1970's ripped jeans was a sign of rebellion. They originated from workers whose jeans were so worn they ripped. Instead of binning them they passed them onto the thrift style people who worn them with faded knees, frayed patches and long holes. Hippies later on saw it as a 'cool' look and embraced it in their own style, tie dying them in ranges of colours. Destroyed jeans became popular when punk bands and artists started wearing them in their photo shoots and at their concerts. They'd rip holes and pin them back together again with safety pins to give them that edgy rebellious look. They bleached patches to give them the worn look and matched it with scruffy tops and leather jackets. To give them the 'hard' image they attached studs and spikes to their clothes and tied chains through the belt holes. Distressed jeans was linked to Rock n Roll and was portrayed further through different genres of bands.

Fans of this image started experimenting on their own jeans, they bleached them; ripped them and pinned them. The style then continued into the grunge sub-genre which bands such as Nirvana portrayed. Tatty plaid shirts and shredded jeans was desired at that point in time. As the years progressed the grunge style turned viral. High end magazines started writing articles on it and it turned more mainstream then ever. It was soon forgotten as Punk and turned into a modern 'biker-chic' look.


So if this trend appeals to you then why don't you start getting creative, and if you're not into the whole ripping and bleaching thing then you can get already-ripped jeans from both high street stores and online retailers. Here's a few from PersunMall that you can buy on the right hand side! 

And that ladies and gentlemen is the story of distressed jeans.

                                                                                                            Bleached Distressed Jeans with Patch

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Everything's in Black and White


Black PU Leather Skirt with Rivets

Winters known for being grey and miserable. Unfortunately it makes us feel the exact same as its accentuated through our everyday look. Baggy jumpers with long coats cover us in grungy colors such as greys and blacks.

Let's portray this style in a different way, let's make it monochrome. Black and white is the ultimate mixture; dark and bright creates a style that suits everyone. You just need to know your limits.

                                                                            OSA Slim Dress with Color Block Bowknot

Topshops range of monochrome designs array from jumpers and scarf's to trousers and suits. Dogtooth, floral, checkered and plain, monochrome is still in the air. Celebrities like Caroline Flack and Laura Whitmore sported the desirable look at the NTA's 2014.

spreading that monochrome is coming back in 2014. Monochrome was the Queen of fashion last year with arrays of designers such as Chanel and Gucci competing for the top spot. However Topshop is bringing back this trend and you can get this trend from not only Topshop but many other stores. Let's lighten up this month with elegance!

All clothing items are on the PersunMall website and available to buy!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

New arrivals at Persunmall!

Sexy Backless Halter Dress in Black

What I love about the start of the new year is that new lines of clothes are coming in every store. Brand new year brand new wardrobe. I've been looking at the new arrivals at Persunmall and I'm loving their new dresses. They've mixed dark and couture to create these gorgeous dresses. Just like the Louis Vuitton 2014 Spring/Summer Collection black dresses are the future must-haves.

Heres some fabulous new arrivals...
Lace High Waist Flouncing Dress in Black                          Sexy Deep V-neck Sequins Dress in WhiteSexy Deep V-neck Sequins Dress in RedBlack Bowknot High Heels with Tassels                                      White Bowknot High Heels with RhinestonesSexy Backless Pearls Beading Dress